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All  of our electricians possess years of on-the-job experience. Not only  that, they're also industry certified and committed to keeping up with  the latest advances in the field. You can rest easy, because your  electrical job will be in the best and most skilled hands that it can  be.  New technology does not always work well with older electrical systems.  In fact, upgrading your electrical system can be an important aspect of  remodeling, whether you live in an older home or suddenly find that you  have more technological and electrical needs, perhaps for a home office.  Moreover, it's imperative to note that electrical remodels are more  about safety than luxury or convenience, although they're also usually  part of a larger remodel. Home builders have strict codes they must  adhere to, and new homes have reliable wiring, nearly without exception.  Install a new microwave, air conditioning system, or other load-bearing  appliances, however, and you will usually need to an electrical  remodeling upgrade as well.

Electrical System Upgrades


Electrical  systems are complicated home systems that must be left to a  professional electrician. Yet, there are several factors surrounding  electrical system upgrades that may indicate how expensive the project  will get and may require homeowners to make important decisions for  their home before the work begins. Here are some of the most important  factors you should consider for your home's electrical remodeling  upgrade:

Location: Outdoor, kitchen, and bathroom circuits should  be protected by a special ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)  circuit breaker to guard against electrocution. Because it is highly  sensitive to any short, this type of breaker may need resetting more  frequently than standard breakers and should be tested periodically by  the homeowner by turning the circuit breaker off, then on.Amperage: If  you're remodeling an older home, odds are your local building department  will require you to upgrade your electrical service to 100 amps. Why?  It's to ensure that there's enough power in the home for all the modern  electrical needs without causing a fire. Older homes didn't need to  support so many appliances.Ease of access: Metal stud framing is the  easiest type and least expensive of home construction for electricians  to work with because holes are already pre-drilled. Conventional wood  framing is the next easiest because of available space between walls and  because the wood can be easily drilled through to allow for new wiring.  Next, logs homes are more difficult due to a lack of hollow walls, and  once a conduit is in place there is little room for error or change.  Finally, concrete is the most difficult. Conduits must be pre-set before  concrete is poured, and like log homes, there is little room for error  or change.

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 Kitchen remodels are one of the most popular home improvement projects  in the nation for good reason. Fewer areas of the home can benefit from  upgrading old, outdated equipment and systems (plumbing, electrical,  etc.) like a kitchen can. Aside from replacing old appliances with new  ones that function better and make the room more pleasing to look at,  replacing and reworking fixtures, workspaces, cabinetry, and other  kitchen components can really turn a room into something unique and  well-suited to the needs of your particular household. It doesn’t hurt,  either, that homes with newly remodeled kitchens are both easier to sell  and often recover a significant amount of the remodel costs in added  market value!

Kitchen Lighting Basics

Homeowners who  renovate their kitchens often breeze past one of the most important  concerns: kitchen lighting. It’s a common oversight because many  homeowners mistakenly believe they have to forego adequate kitchen  lighting in order to use this room in a modern way. With good design,  common sense and some of the latest lighting technology, your kitchen  can remain the center of life in your house while providing plenty of  light for your work.

There are three major types of kitchen lighting:

Ambient  lighting is the general light in the room. Good ambient light allows  you to work safely in most areas of the kitchen and provides the overall  lighting feel for the space.
Task lighting provides higher and more  focused levels of light to a particular work area, keeping in mind the  essence of getting the light to where you need it. This is mostly found  in closets, pantries, cabinets or drawers. Task lighting takes advantage  of small light sources and makes specific jobs much easier.
Accent  lighting is even more focused and highlights objects or areas you want  to show off, such as artwork, glassware or special pottery. Though this  kind of kitchen lighting isn’t meant to make your workspace a more  functional place, it can add an aesthetic touch to the room that will  enhance the space and bring your newly remodeled kitchen to life.